Welcome to HelpMe.cam

This website has been created to help webcam models, webmasters and camsite visitors with regards to privacy, legal matters and technical issues. We can only help you with questions / problems related to our partner sites.

  • If you are sure your matter is related to a partner site you can create a new ticket.
  • If you already created a ticket and you want to know the status you can Login Here.

What can I ask ?

You can ask us anything related to our partner sites, but make sure you include all the information we need. Do not forget to mention the domain. Please see our FAQ list below first before asking any questions.

  • Can you please delete my picture from website.com ? - Yes, upon request we delete pictures within 24 hours. All webcam pictures on partner sites are deleted after 7 days. If you don't want to be displayed on our partner sites anymore please ask the camsite you are working for to exclude your image from promotional tools.
  • Why is my picture displayed on website.com ? - Our partner webcam sites use promo tools like xml feeds to import your profile into their database. If you don't want your cam to be promoted on other sites please ask the camsite you are working for to exclude your profile from promo tools like xml feeds and iframes. Please note that if you request to be excluded you might miss a lot of potential customers.
  • Could you add our cammodels to your partner sites ? - Yes, if you have a camsite with your own models we can include them into our databes. We do not include any whitelabel sites ! All we require is an xml/json feed with online models.